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So close the the Capitol City, and the Capitol Forest

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capitalforrestIf there is any one thing that makes living in the Pacific Northwest amazing it has to be the plethora of outdoor activities and outdoor views to be seen and enjoyed. This past weekend, along with my roommate and teammate Austin, we ventured out down the road to Capitol State Forest. Just 20 minutes away, it is a sweet place to escape the city life and enjoy the great outdoors. Hiking, camping, off-roading, and hunting are a few of the many treats Capitol Forest offers. Of course we went after a small rain so there was plenty of mud to be sprayed out by the tires of Austin’s Jeep, a vastly underrated and oddly satisfying activity. So if you have a free weekend and are looking to escape to some wonderful mountain and wooded views, look no farther than Capitol Forest, its got you covered.

The map below shows one way to get into the forest. The forest itself has 8 main well traveled entrances. With plenty of other roads and access points in between. Once inside, a good time can most definitely be had by all. So pick a spot, drive on down, and go enjoy what nature has to offer.

Idaho Recap

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This last weekend my teammates and I ventured to the Kibbie dome in Moscow, Idaho for our first meet of the indoor track season. 2 straight days of competing is an easy way to find out what you are really made of and how good of shape you are in. Everyone left exhausted, as expected, but we were satisfied with the results we produced. 2 new school records fell. My partner in crime vaulter Joey Keeton moved up his indoor best mark, and Angel Rogers smashed the indoor record by 5 feet in the weight throw. The best part about traveling as a team for the first time of the season is getting to know everyone in a different light. We see each other at practice, we train together, various team meetings and dinners, but it isn’t until you are competing and on a bus for a couple of hours that you really get have a shared experience that you remember.

We head back next week to Idaho for round 2, but we will be taking more people this time, which means even more fun!

Pictured here is Angel in action, and Ty Sissel owning a new race as he adds a new event to his repertoire to help the team out.


Taste of Culture: the report

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We stopped by the taste of culture this week to sample some excellent foods. Some cool performances on stage made it that much sweeter.

Behind the Scenes at the 2013 #smugala

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Behind the Scenes at the 2013 #smugala

There is a plethora of video that is coming soon both from behind the scenes and at the 2013 #smugala. Just a quick peak in the pavilion, interviewing Sarah behind the scenes.

Bacon-shape, it’s a way of life.

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One can never get enough bacon, especially when Mr. Bacon is around to hand deliver a fresh piece.

Guest starring in a special Gala promo video is always fun, but when you get to just eat bacon, it’s pretty much the greatest day ever.

Unfortunately, the sit up scene had to be cut because of time constraints. The YouTube channel however, which will have more than just extended versions and longer videos, but deleted scenes and (hopefully) a blooper real, is in the works and coming soon. So stay tuned, cause the reporter is back, and is going bigger and better!

The roving reporter returns!

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After a month long break where the focus was on roving and not reporting, the roving reporter has concluded his walkabout through the mountains and rediscovered his desire to report the news at Saint Martin’s. This week he is getting ready for the SMU gala with celebrity chef Michael Symon.

Weather update!

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After a thorough investigation, it turns out it really isn’t that bad of weather outside. This was the most elaborate roving reporter video yet. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look at what it took to put this report together. Yes, it is basically bloopers.